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I started ‘escaping into the wild’ full time since July 2015- when I left my job as a physiotherapist. Here’s how we can work together!  

#iCan :

Conduct Eco-tours – If you are looking for someone to conduct an ecotour in your resort/school, children’s educational eco-trip or anything similar I would be ideal to take this up. My expertise includes spreading awareness about frogs and birds- against the backdrop of larger conversation issues! I merge interesting information, tidbits on these magnificent creatures along with fun, group activities that include (but are not limited to) team based games! This helps ensure that not only is the audience engaged throughout the entire session but also that they take away something tangible from the session. My organisation skills also come in handy to ensure that the entire logistics are properly laid out end-to-end. I can also help market the event if required.


Public Talks – I regularly receive invitations for Environment Educational Public Talks from various schools, NGOs and other organisations. These invitations require me to educate the audience (sometimes as young as 6th std students)  on the various nuances and multitude of facets that nature and conversation bring to the fore. These aren’t your typical boring lectures but instead involve a lot of discussion, games and interactions with the audience. I would love to address corporates, children, school students, differently abled etc and help them fall in love with their natural surroundings and our forests. My expertise includes Wildlife of India (especially frogs and birds), conservation, sustainable living, ecotourism/responsible travel and Biodiversity of India.


One/Two day Workshops –
Are you looking for a resource person to hold your one or two day long workshop; then it has to be on the natural environment including frogs and birds! My workshops are a mix of presentations, games and activities that are not only interesting but fascinating as well. Most cases- the audience can’t get enough and keep demanding for one more hour 😉

Invite me on #ResponsibleTravel Blogging Trips –
If you want to reach a completely different and unique audience for your resort, eco-lodge, farm, home-stay or any relevant eco-tourism guest house – I would love to visit you and share my experience with my audience. Most of the people who check out my blog love to travel and I am sure they love getting close to nature as well! Reach them by inviting me first  😉


For any other ideas and questions, I am available to discuss at


If we cannot work together you can help me otherwise, here’s how –

I started this column to let you know that I am in a constant need of raising funds for my work and to keep this website running. My travel trips are not just a fun ‘vacay’ but a lot more for a good cause. I have been practising ethical Ecotourism and living a simple sustainable life. I also facilitate local communities to develop in a sustainable way. I believe in the power of travel. Travelling enables me to communicate with locals while exchanging ideas, religion and a lot of happiness. I have managed to pursue my passion of doing good to the only habitable planet by reducing my demands and helping people in need. Sharing my experiences and hearing about them from you guys is what encourages me more than anything. If you enjoy reading and browsing through my blog, I’d be grateful to you if you could make me a contribution. It could be as little as you like just to show your love and support while allowing me to continue my journey. I am also working hard to enable each one of you to be a part of this journey while giving you a chance to travel.

I’d be glad to receive your love!  🙂 


PAYTM karo – 9739014300

PS: Please note, if you are making any contributions you must email me ( before and after the transaction. And I will reply and send you awesome goodies. You might also get a chance to travel to an awesome destination with me.

Thanks and loads of love!