The Dancing Frog Project of India

Picture by Samyamee Sreevathsa
The Kottigehar dancing frogs in action

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In the year 2015, while I was working on an Environment Impact Assessment project in the Western Ghats of India, my advisor Dr Gururaja pointed out the Kottigehar Dancing Frog (Micrixalus kottigeharensis) to me.

Since then, it has been a long journey to put the Dancing Frog Project together. Currently, my team and I are working on a project titled Ecological Monitoring and Threat Assessment of Micrixalus kottigeharensis in the Western Ghats with the help from the EDGE fellowship. We are also working closely with the local communities who live close to or within the dancing frog habitats.

Picture by Jyoti Das
Field work

People Involved in the Project:  

Samyamee Srivathasa, Harshith Prince Clifford, Smayana Kamath, Chethan KV, Chetana Sanjai, Prajwal, Harsha, Benjamin Tapley, Jyoti Das, Gururaja KV, Aravind NA, Sugandhi Gadadhar and Rohan Chakravarty

Published work on the Dancing Frogs of India:   

Outreach and Communication

Rohan Chakravarthy designed these amazing posters for the outreach component of the project. We will be launching an inforgrpahic soon.


The Dancing frog project is funded with the prestigeous Zoological Society of London’s EDGE fellowship

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