About Me

Hi, I am Madhushri aka Maddie!  I am a researcher, ecologist and conservationist. I am a PhD scholar based out of India. Nothing excites me more than frogs and birds – proof of which you’ll find on my tattoo 😀   The moment I see a bird, people lose sight of me as I run to catch a better look. As the night falls, you can find me roaming near water bodies to spot frogs and document their species and counts. 

I feel safer in the wild than in the cities, so I spend most of my time exploring the jungles of India. It is my dream to change people’s attitude towards animals, especially frogs and other bio-indicator species. It was with that aim that I finally quit my career in physiotherapy at the age of 25. And there has been no looking back since then 😀

I have been a part of several biodiversity projects and have helped set up one of India’s first Frog Conservation Centers, at Taj Vivanta in Coorg. When not researching frogs or spreading awareness about them, I love to travel. I have been to more than 12 states in India while exploring the two major biodiversity hotspots- the Western Ghats and the Eastern Himalayas. Travelling is great for a variety of reasons- but the ONLY way to travel is to practice ethical Ecotourism. I have begun to take my travel international with Nepal being my first sponsored trip where I worked for a week while exploring one of the finest National Parks there. I also love to read and swim! And I enjoy paragliding and surfing 😀

I will use this space to share stories from the world beyond yours. And hopefully- you can join in vicariously to experience the same thrill that I always do when I explore the unknown.


Would love to hear from YOU <3

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