How To Show Your Love Towards Frogs On This Valentine’s Day


In this season of love, let’s come together to show our affection towards these lesser known species on earth – frogs! Well, the topic might not seem too interesting at the first place but do read – Why I Love Frogs and Why You Should Too, which will convince you to love them! If that’s not enough, sit back because an Ebook on the same topic will be coming your way very soon. 

In today’s post, I have made a list of DIYs for you. The following list will help you take your first steps towards helping frogs. If you have already been doing one or two of these, make sure to continue your awesome work. Do join the #NotJustFrogs campaign here – 

Here’s an exhaustive list of things to do on this Valentine’s day to show your love towards frogs. Trust me, when I say these tinies will give you more happiness than anything else. Also, it is quite interesting that most of the items listed here can be done right from your PC or your smartphone. Don’t forget to score yourself with one point for each item. Let’s see who scores the maximum?! 

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  1. Be compassionate towards frogs. Let them live. Compassion is the first step towards conservation and sustainable living.
  2. Educate yourself and learn about frogs found in your region. 
  3. Start observing frogs, they aren’t as slimy as you think they are! If you happen to look into their eyes you’d probably fall in love.  
  4. Download the FrogFind app to learn about common frogs and toads in the Western Ghats of India
  5. Post your frog pictures on FrogWatch (India) and for other regions here and here
  6. Stop eating ‘frog legs’ and tell your friends as well! Why you may ask? Because frogs are being pushed into extinction sooner than you might know of. Read more –
  7. Post pictures of frogs from your neighbourhood on social media. This will help spread love towards these species. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #NotJustFrogs
  8. Draw a frog and share your drawings with the world.
  9. Write a haiku or a short poem on frogs.
  10. Reserve a tiny pond for frogs in your yard. Keep a close eye on them 😉giphy thumbs up
  11. Do not stock up non-native fish species in your ponds or rivers. If you see such an activity take a step and spread the word to stop this! (be sure to read the next #FridayFrogFact to know why!)
  12. Buy a frog tee shirt and roam in style –
  13. Start raising funds for frogs – if you are an organisation or a media body, get in touch with NGOs or campaigners to conduct an awareness drive in your town. An off-beat topic like frogs can actually pull masses quite effectively.
  14. Help build ‘Batrachariums
  15. Volunteer in your free time to save frogs. Whatever is your skill set, we can use it to spread frog love.
  16. Donate money to NGOs and organisations that are working to save the frogs.
  17. Invite me to speak on – ‘Why I Love Frogs and Why You Should Too’
  18. Participate in citizen science projects like Frog Watch.
  19. Prevent roadkills by driving slow on moist monsoon nights.
  20. Help in documenting frog road kills. If you encounter a dead frog on the road, make sure you report it here or post it on our facebook group.
  21. Keep an eye on this space and participate in our upcoming events.
  22. If you find an abnormal frog, like an individual without an eye or a limb, an infection or dead with unknown cause report it via Facebook groups or get in touch here.
  23. Become a volunteer for the #NotJustFrogs campaign. Please contact –
  24. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle – Reduce use of chemicals/pesticides, reuse plastic and metal, recycle whatever you can!
  25. Buy organic, go local and become vegan (if possible)
  26. Reduce wastage of resources – water, electricity, fuel, etc. (Check out  which helps you do just that. )
  27. Follow – #FridayFrogFacts and share them with your friends.

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If you have missed any of the previous #FridayFrogFact posts – read them all over here! And if you liked this article, join our growing community of amazing froggers on Facebook. Also please fill out this form and tell me what would you like to read in the next post.

Now go and croak it out (read share this article) to the entire world on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Sharing the #FridayFrogFact with your friends on social media is a great idea to show your love for these species <3 

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