#FridayFrogFact – Wayanad Night Frog (Nyctibatrachus grandis)

Last week we discussed nature’s potter – a sombre colored night frog. It’s unique and brilliant pottery skills were mind blowing not only for us but for the biologists as well. If you haven’t read about it- click here NOW.

This week’s focus is on another night frog (genus Nyctibatrachus). I just cannot get over their rhomboidal shaped pupils. Look deep into those eyes – am sure you will be mesmerized as well! It’s an optical illusion of a different kind – one that isn’t available on the internet yet, only to be found in nature!


OMG, which side up?

Picture by my friend – Shrikanth Nayak

These unique night frogs occupy streams, puddles, waterfalls and adjoining rocky areas in the luxuriant forests of the Western Ghats. Among the 28 known species of night frogs; Wayanad Night Frog (Nyctibatrachus grandis) is the biggest. It isn’t surprising that taxonomists call it ‘grand’. The frog’s size ranges from 6.2 centimeters to 7.6 centimeters. Whereas other members in the genus of rhombus-eyed frogs can be as small as 1.3 centimeters.

My naturalist friend told me stories of this grand frog as we explored the freshwater streams of Coorg. He said, he will show me a frog that literally ‘honks’! Yes, I didn’t believe him either. But after I heard the call, I’m quite sure that the inspiration for those tuk-tuk horns probably came from here –  

(This audio clip is from Mandookavani – an acoustic guide to the frogs and toads of the Western Ghats)

I think the call goes well with it’s aggressive nature – if a male frog is seen guarding a clutch of eggs; don’t dare to go close. Also almost never try touching it. The male frog will jump straight at you to bite your finger!

More Information:


My naturalist friend (Shrikanth) and I were really lucky to see a mating pair of this grand frog species in Kodagu (Coorg). He filmed a beautiful video while giving them their privacy! I will be sharing the video in the coming week. Keep watching this space 🙂

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