My 6 Insane Reasons To Love The Monsoons

Rain is possibly the best season by far that occurs throughout the year. I don’t remember waiting for any festival or event as eagerly as I wait for the first refreshing showers. The grey clouds and moist breeze never fail to fill me with enthusiasm. How I wish it rained all year! I believe rain has the power to not only dissolve all my worries but also fill in my body and mind with new joy and vigor. It is indeed the perfect time to get lost in the world of warm coffee, lush green surroundings and books! 

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I am penning this as I watch numerous raindrops fall from a large cloud on a gloomy rainy day. The leaves, branches and my hair waving happily in the strong, cold wind. So I decided to share my 6 reasons to love the rains-

Rain Love 1- No matter where you live, rain comes like a blessing. It cleans up all the surroundings and makes it look green and refreshing all over again. It is indeed a time for the earth to take a bath! 

Love this subtle contrast of grey and green when it rains in the Western Ghats!

Rain Love 2- Water facilitates life. It comes with no surprise that cuckoos and hornbills sing loudly in the rains to find a mate to start the process of avian coitus. Most birders are out with their rain-gear chasing these birds. 

A pair of Malabar Pied Hornbill on a very rainy day!
A pair of Malabar Pied Hornbill enjoy each other’s company on a rainy day in Manipal.

Rain Love 3- Nature awakes from its slumber to add seven colors to the green backdrop. It is the time to enjoy the glimpses of a Rainbow straight out of your window! 

VIBGYOR- My favorite spectrum of colors right outside my window in Kausani!
VIBGYOR- My favorite spectrum of colors right outside my window in Kausani.

Rain Love 4- The colors are not only restricted to the sky. They take to the ground as well. A variety of flowers bloom in their glory to compete with the rainbow above 

I absolutely love this yellow blanket of smiling flowers on the outskirts of Dharwad.

Rain Love 5- Tiny frogs now erupt out of their coves. Amphibians are one among my favorite living creatures on earth. They claim their right on almost all freshwater streams, trees, bushes and farm houses.

Tiny Raorchestus tuberohumerus made my night when I spotted it in coffee plantations of Coorg!
This tiny made my night in Coorg!

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Rain Love 6- My warm coffee just smells and tastes better in the cold breeze, moist air and grey surroundings! Especially with a piece of chocolate on the side 😉 

Coffee, mountains and clouds, what more shall I ask for?
Coffee, mountains and clouds, what more shall I ask for?

In a country like India, monsoons bring a new ray of hope and happiness. Water, as we all will know, is more than just a fluid for life. Sir Ralf Kaiser of the University of Hawaii said ‘Water is the protective cradle that carries the building blocks of life’. Right from the beginning of monsoon to the last shower, there is new life everywhere. Smaller creatures like Alates now show up, the birds rejoice more and share happy songs, the trees grow faster and I just take a rejuvenating walk in the rain. Most other animalia just like me are celebrating these smaller joys of life all over again!

Enjoying the overcast on a lonely beach!
Enjoying the overcast on a lonely beach!

I am more of a dark rainy day person. How about you? Tell me all about which seasons you prefer, in the comments below 🙂 

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