10 Most Astonishing Birds In The Indian Subcontinent! How many have you seen?

Himalayan Griffon Vulture

Catch a glimpse- At Spiti Valley
When- All year round on the mountains of Himalayas

Seen mainly at an elevation of 4000 meters and above.

Malabar Whistling Thrush
Catch a glimpse- Tea/coffee plantations of Valparai

When- Winters are usually a good time

Otherwise called as the whistling school boy! The bird’s song will terrify you and please you at the same time.

European Roller
Catch a Glimpse- Belgaum (Yellur Fort)

When- A winter migrant in India, can be seen on open farms and sparse woody habitats

The rare migratory bird for the Indian subcontinent!

The White Wagtail
Catch a glimpse- in your garden

When- Winters, from October to February

This bird’s constant tail bobbing gait will make you forget the first walk of Ms Philippines as Miss Universe 😉

Ceylon Frog mouth
Get a glimpse- At Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

When- All year around

This elusive and bizarre nocturnal bird rests in the darkest woods within the western ghats of India!

Spot billed Pelican
Get a glimpse- At Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

When- Winters, December to January

The near threatened Pelecanus carries live fish in it’s the huge gular pouch!

The Small Pratincole
Get a glimpse- Any water bodies, Malyadi bird Sanctuary

When- Winters

This wadding bird is so small that it can be compared to a swift when seen in flight! 🙂

Grey headed Bulbul

Get a glimpse- At Silent Valley National Park
When- December to January

Yet another near threatened bird of the western ghats!

Lesser Flamingos
Get a Glimpse- At Mumbai (Bhandup Pumping Station)

When- February to March

The brackish sea looks gorgeous with a flock of flirting ping flamingos!

Malabar Pied Hornbill

Catch a glimpse- At Belgaum, Gokarna and Dandeli forest range
When- Winters, from October to February

It helps disperse seeds and grow new trees in the most natural way. Everything about this bird is just spectacular!

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