Spooky Memories From Bisle Rainforest Within The Western Ghats Of India

Rain hug- that’s my way of showing love!

I love the monsoons. Unlike most people who complain of the rains as messy, dirty or a season of inactive gloomy life, I set out on explorations to discover the hidden world unknown.

You must let the rain kiss you, let it beat upon your head and let it sing you a lullaby to discover new life springing out of everywhere!

1. I spent ten rainy days in a rain-forest, take a glimpse into that world beyond ours!I set out in my car and drove three hours straight. With constant lactic acid build up, there was a need to stretch. Finding a place was really difficult so I stopped by the side!


 2. One more hour of driving and I was off into the wild.


 3. With every turn, the forest grew greener and darker. Although I loved each turn as I cuddled in nature’s lap


 4. There is simply nothing as beautiful as listening to showers and soaking in your own thoughts


 5. With all that love the clouds went hard on me, I took shelter and promised I won’t leave all night


 6. After a peaceful sleep, I woke up to a dark morning


 7. Went out to discover hidden life on an unknown path, although I knew it was safe because it was GREEN!


 8. As I walked I came across smaller beings bustling with life, creatures no one usually marvels at! And probably this little blood sucker is enough to keep people away from the rain forests


9. Wait, there is more to life!

IMG_20150719_114951649_HDR - Copy

 10. By far he is my favorite, I spent hours watching him hunt frogs and swim in the water


So when I looked deep inside, the clouds smiled at me. We had developed a great relationship after spending 9 drenched days cuddled together.

On the tenth day the sun came up to bid me farewell!

PS: Any help to my travel fund will be highly appreciated!
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10 Most Astonishing Birds In The Indian Subcontinent! How many have you seen?

Himalayan Griffon Vulture

Catch a glimpse- At Spiti Valley
When- All year round on the mountains of Himalayas

Seen mainly at an elevation of 4000 meters and above.

Malabar Whistling Thrush
Catch a glimpse- Tea/coffee plantations of Valparai

When- Winters are usually a good time

Otherwise called as the whistling school boy! The bird’s song will terrify you and please you at the same time.

European Roller
Catch a Glimpse- Belgaum (Yellur Fort)

When- A winter migrant in India, can be seen on open farms and sparse woody habitats

The rare migratory bird for the Indian subcontinent!

The White Wagtail
Catch a glimpse- in your garden

When- Winters, from October to February

This bird’s constant tail bobbing gait will make you forget the first walk of Ms Philippines as Miss Universe 😉

Ceylon Frog mouth
Get a glimpse- At Thattekad Bird Sanctuary

When- All year around

This elusive and bizarre nocturnal bird rests in the darkest woods within the western ghats of India!

Spot billed Pelican
Get a glimpse- At Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary

When- Winters, December to January

The near threatened Pelecanus carries live fish in it’s the huge gular pouch!

The Small Pratincole
Get a glimpse- Any water bodies, Malyadi bird Sanctuary

When- Winters

This wadding bird is so small that it can be compared to a swift when seen in flight! 🙂

Grey headed Bulbul

Get a glimpse- At Silent Valley National Park
When- December to January

Yet another near threatened bird of the western ghats!

Lesser Flamingos
Get a Glimpse- At Mumbai (Bhandup Pumping Station)

When- February to March

The brackish sea looks gorgeous with a flock of flirting ping flamingos!

Malabar Pied Hornbill

Catch a glimpse- At Belgaum, Gokarna and Dandeli forest range
When- Winters, from October to February

It helps disperse seeds and grow new trees in the most natural way. Everything about this bird is just spectacular!
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