10 Unforgettable Moments From My Trip To The Himalayas

Two weeks ago, I returned from Spiti valley situated in the state of Himachal Pradesh in India. Past the treacherous winding pass through Rohtang, down beyond the barrenness of Chhatru- lies the most beautiful valley of wonders!

I couldn’t stop feeling blessed to have gotten a chance to experience the pristine beauty of the Himalayas. I have truly, madly loved travelling in India despite it being regarded as unsafe for women. There is something that cannot stop me from exploring the land of so many languages, motley crowd, endless diverse cultures, varied habitats, disparate climates which you might experience the moment you step out of your home or office.

Here are my top 10 moments from the trip that never fail to fill me with nostalgia about the Himalayas.

1. The thrilling 24-hour off roading drive on snowy perilous roads – driving past an actual live landslide

2. Crossing a flimsy wooden bridge with broken steps over a clean blue fast-flowing river

3. Spending time with Griffon Vultures, Ravens, Magpies, a Snow Leopard, Yaks in the wild dry land

4. The precious 30-minute nap after a strenuous 4-hour trek to reach the peak

5. Camp night with friends, fire and the infinite stars. Nothing beats camaraderie in the lap of nature and wilderness

6. Meditating to trigger self-realization in one of the highest Monasteries in India

7. The simple soulful breakfast in our home stay at Manali – cooked with more love than the best restaurant in any city

8. Cold, steep, exhausting and slippery 14 km trek to bask in the glory of a pristine Himalayan lake – one of the highest in India

9. The glimpse of real, lush green amidst vast coniferous forests

10. Pins and needles flashing through my body when I dived into chilling sub-zero water at Chandra Tal lake 4,300 meters above sea level

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