A Window In The Life Of A Physiotherapist Lost In The Woods

The best window ever!
The best window ever!

“Open the window of your mind. Allow the fresh air, new lights and new truths to enter.” -Amit Ray

The above quote popped into my mind as I opened this beautiful window in one of the best rooms I had ever lived in. I thought about my journey, a very difficult one, from being a professional physiotherapist to being in the wild, always! From rejections to depression, from working under a really terrible boss to standing up for it and quitting on my own terms, with only the last 500 bucks in my account to calling a friend and asking for some money to have a meal. At 26, it is rather difficult to call a friend or parents to ask for money. Lucky are those who haven’t faced this situation in their lives and those for whom this task is easy!

When I re-think of what life (which I once thought was a bitch) has done to me over years- my eyes hold tears and nothing else. The subtle difference being, now these tears aren’t just the tears of sadness. There’s a whole lot of happiness and sometimes a lot more emotions! Why in the first place had I, a doctor from a reputed university working at a renowned hospital ever quit her well paying job? I now know the answer!

Because life is all about the little joys, smiles and real happiness. 

The happiness that you discover within yourself. When I spent time at an Ashram of a renowned Saint Maharshi, I learnt that each human being has a whole big universe within. This encompasses our emotions, feelings, wants and needs. Within all this lies a piece of happiness and that genuine happiness, I have discovered envelopes me when I am lost in the woods. That enlightened mind full of thoughts, with the feelings that I need no-one when I am in the forests watching infinite little croaking frogs and colourful flying birds! They are indeed my best friends. Maybe they couldn’t give me money when I needed it the most. That’s when I realized “I love man no less, but nature more.”

When I get up in the morning, I feel extremely mesmerized by the forests with fresh, happy and peaceful thoughts every single day. How beautiful life gets with these thoughts, I thought, looking out of that window. A woodpecker comes and knocks at the panel by the side of this huge window. I talk to him, he tells me he’s confused. But I still continue talking. I smile at him and he’s still confused as to why he can’t make a hole in this bloody thing? He checks along the panel to make his nest, a place safe for his family. I tell him, we are human beings, the smartest species on earth, and no matter how hard he tries, he wouldn’t be able to make a hole there! Probably after some time he understood and left my window, leaving me again to lose myself in my own joyous thoughts of the forests and rains.

Many people ask me- do I ever feel lonely in the woods? The answer is an empathetic NO! And it will always be NO. I am merry within, my thoughts are pure and I have made friends with nature and creatures. How many of us today can think of making friends with and getting close to nature? For now I have known how to make money for myself or at least live a life with just the basics! The forests taught me something very important- it taught me to be less greedy, less needy and still be happy!

How many of us today are fighting for a job, a girlfriend or a companion, a lot of money, a house, a vacation, exotic food and some more luxury like new trendy clothes, smokey makeup and latest skincare? But I am just standing at my window and looking at the forest, lost within myself, being joyous!  🙂

Do I need more from life, no!

And you? What is that one thing that gives you happiness. Share in the comments below, I will be more than happy to read!  🙂 

PS: Any help to my travel fund will be highly appreciated.

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  1. Hey..Madhusri
    I just finished your ” The best window ever”.Fantastic.
    I think it is something like an introduction to ur autobiography. I noticed one thing that you hardly need a subject to write.Words are flowing like a forest stream. 🙂 .Well done.
    Thank you

  2. You are just a breed apart dear appreciate your grit and determination and the most…the way you handle your life the way you want it. Given a choice I too would love to get lost in the woods. Nothing beats than oneself enjoying on the lap of mother nature….very well written, I think you should seriously take up into writing your “Tryst with Nature”

  3. Often life takes us where we would not have planned. Your honest musings of life is one of openess. It is so refreshing in these days where young are literally slaved into the rat race. Glad you took the opportunity to move differently. Life is full of opportunities and roadblocks actually help to make use of these opportunities. I have also followed the path of my heart which was at the crossroads 30 years earlier and certainly better off by choosing to be different. Honestly it’s been a great journey and just as they say ‘Journey is the reward’ wishing you an awesome journey

    1. Thanks for those enlightening and kind words. Whatever you have said is 100% true.

      Thanks for your wonderful wishes as well. I hope the journey ahead is good! Enjoy your journey as well! Thanks again for dropping by 🙂 Love having seniors like you here. 🙂

  4. Hi Madhu,you have captured things most people are not able to comprhend ..here we are stuck in a race against time …wheareas you have fou d meaning in what life is all about.

    I like the flow…it’s captivating..indeed its a pleasure to know you…one happy soul..

    1. Hey thanks for those kind words. And I am glad that you liked the write-up and the flow. Life is one difficult thing and everyone has their fight against it. Ah! Keep dropping by 🙂

  5. Excellent! And great going indeed!
    Great passion you have on nature. Keep going don’t stop!!
    Thank you for sharing. Good luck

  6. Hey, Iam very inspired from what you have written above! Not everybody does this or has the courage to switch fields like this, at least not into a lesser known course which doesn’t offer fat paychecks or other such luxuries in their minds. However, the hitch is in this transition to the new field. If I could request, could you please elaborate on this transition. So I think it just begins with when you hate your job, then developing the liking to frogs and then the steps you took. what leads did u start off with? how you went about it? any talks? met any people/institution? rejections you had?
    Names/details may not be mentioned here for privacy issues but mentioning the steps you took could help inspire many like me to take such leaps (like a frog :P)
    PS: Could i know the ashram that you had been to. I could email if it can’t be mentioned here.

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