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In the year 2015, while I was working on an Environment Impact Assessment project in the Western Ghats of India, my advisor Dr Gururaja pointed out the Kottigehar Dancing Frog (Micrixalus kottigeharensis) to me.

I still remember that day quite vividly. We parked our car on the roadside. It wasn’t an easy place to park. There were huge potholes on the road and we had to scan the area before we found a safe place. The rains seemed to have subsided, however, there was still a light, steady drizzle. We walked a mile away from the road and reached a medium-flowing stream in a dense, canopy covered area. The sun was out by now. There were still some patchy grey clouds that diffused the sunlight and made for the perfect dance stage.

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Picture by Samyamee Sreevathsa

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